The written word changes abode

Papyrus, parchment, books and finally e-books. The written word has come a long way. Letter by letter, word by word, writing has marched forward, in Indian file, on its calm, inexorable way towards the e-book. It has abandoned its original host and migrated to a fresh platform, where films, music and TV series have already gone. This is a world in which lines follow lines, but do not remain still. Change the size of the characters and the written page turns into a measuring tape which lengthens and shortens according to what it is being used to measure. The e-book has brought about one of the profoundest changes which our society has had to face. The written word forms the instructions by which human civilisation is being built. “On the written word have been built houses, cities and states.” This explains why the topic has aroused such strong reactions: with books, there comes considerable emotive baggage. It is more acute than the transition to the euro!  Continua a leggere The written word changes abode